I have spent 4 years in Adelaide, South Australia to graduate with my PhD in 2014. My Doctorate by research in philosophy specialized in Art Glass was an extremely enriching experience both on the human level as well as for the evolution of my work. My thesis titled In Vitro: Investigating time through the perception of the invisible allowed me to deepen my sculptural research while positioning it within the actual art context. My work has been influenced by my time in Australia, it has simplified to resonate the Australian landscape.

The viewing of art can cause a somatic shock wave like the one we get when as a child, after hearing the bell, we start to run toward the ice cream truck only to realize that it is a knife sharpening truck.

Caroline Ouellette

An experience of anticipation

Participating in a college theatre troupe, the participants were asked by the producer to perform the following simple exercise. The instructions were to go on stage, one at a time, not do anything and see what would happen.

A girl in the group, following the instructions, went on stage, sat down and waited. First looking at us with timid, big eyes, she waited, chuckling away her embarrassment. Not often in life are you asked NOT to perform. But she sat and waited as we witnessed the tension building up.

A spotlight was shinning behind her back creating a dark sharp shadow in front of her, making her presence quite remarkable, so immense. As soon as she noticed it, she traced her shadow with a delicate gesture. then she appeared to be cleaning it. She was bathing it. And then, she attempted to erase it with her hand.

But in the bright beam of light, the shadow would not go away; it was prolonging her, weighing her down. Gradually, her chuckling became groaning. In fact, the more frantic the erasing, the more present she was there in front of us, enormous in her gesticulating presence, both in her body and her shadow; so present, it was almost unbearable, just like watching someone drowning. We too, the viewers, were feeling her helplessness in front of her own agonizing presence, and desired her absence.

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