Artist Statement

Since the beginning of my career as a glass worker, I utilize sense’s memory to evoke a moment, which, by its depth, raised the hair. In an intuitive manner, I was letting grow, from my fingertips, what my body wanted to express without any particular approach other than being present within while it is shaping the inspiring matter, which is glass.


This way of doing transformed itself while studying for my PhD between 2011 and 2014. My new approach is more global and takes notice of the reception of the work as a tool for reflecting and transforming the material. Still anchored in the senses but emanating from the matter instead of my fingers, this research aims to invite the viewer to pause and let the work play with their senses and bring back their stories in order to imprint the work in their memory. The work thus becomes a collective experience. The work is in constant evolution and voluntarily leaves room for interpretation.

The role of the artist in not to give effect to a preconceived idea but to follow the forces and flows of material that bring the work into being. To view the work is to join the artist as a fellow traveller, to look with it as it unfolds in the world, rather than behind it to an originating intention of which it is the final product.

Tim Ingold

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