I work in series. Here are the series on which I was working before embarking on the PhD journey. These intimate series talk about our relation to our surrounding. Click on the images to see the series.

Giant perfume bottle

The Giant perfume bottle series pays tribute to odours which very often revive memories of past events. Oftentimes even common, memories come back to haunt us for a brief moment to dissipate again as the odour which recalled it.


The Bowl series celebrates nature’s strength which takes over after human’s interventions.  A tree that “swallows” a fence, a wreck that becomes a reef, both examples of the resilience and incredible force of our planet to overcome the insults.


The intimate Capsule series commemorate sweet moments deeply buried in the folds of our memory.  The moments when we whisper, those that we share, that are sweet and warm the heart.


The Cocoon series propose a secret hiding place where to pause within a cozy nest before the big transformation…


The Rupture series tells a carefreeness story. A story of reaction instead of prevention. The child breaks the branch while playing… He is a bit upset and a bit ashamed. The child knocks down the scarab while playing… He is annoyed and  helpless… The child kills the bird while playing. He is furious and sad…

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